What we collect


Textiles are collected by our kerbside collections and also through partnerships with local schools.  All manner of items can be recycled from clothes and curtains through to shoes and bags, although duvets and pillows are of no use.  They are sold on to a third party, who sort them and direct them in different areas.  Good quality clothing will be sent to Eastern Europe and Africa and other products will be used to make rags for industry.

Cardboard and Paper

Cardboard and paper are collected through our business collections and also delivered to our units by local businesses. We direct the cardboard in one of 2 directions depending on its’ quality. The better quality cardboard is stripped of tape and staples, shredded and packed into 10kg bales to be sold as animal bedding. Predominantly for horses.
The lesser quality cardboard is crushed and baled into 400kg bales to be recycled and remanufactured as a lower quality cardboard product such as egg boxes.


We collect glass bottles and jars on our kerbside collections in Ollerton, Boughton and 8 other surrounding villages. This is sorted into clear and coloured glass and stored at our units until we have approximately 30 tonnes of each. This is then collected by a glass manufacturer for remaking into new bottles and jars. Over the year, we collect around 300 tonnes of glass which is reprocessed and avoids landfill.

Aluminium Cans

Aluminium cans are collected from local schools and some of our business collections. At our units, we use a sorting machine to separate the steel and aluminium. Each of these are then crushed and palletised awaiting delivery to an aluminium manufacturer. The aluminium delivered is 100% recycled and will be reused time and time again.